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Brian's Professional, Political and Personal Background:

35 Years of Civic Involvement:

FLORIDA: 2001-2009:

• Chair & Co-Founder, NatureCoast Coalition for Peace & Justice, 2002 to 2009
• President of Good Government League, Hernando County, FL. 2003, 2004
• President of Irish-American Society, Hernando County 2002, 2003
• Player/Manager, NatureCoast Adult Baseball League, 2000-2009
• Hernando County Historical Society Member
• Flagler Museum Supporter
• Florida Heritage Member, State of Florida
• Civil War Re-enactor, 14th Brooklyn Unit

Previous Civic Involvement:

• Condominium President $1 million budget, 247 units, 3 terms (1996-99), Wash. DC
• Vice President, citywide Federation of 69 Civic Associations (DCFCA), 1996-98, Wash. DC
• Chosen Man of Year, DCFCA, 1997
• Advocate for small businesses and community's civil rights in wake of riots; Wash. DC, 1991-92


•• Advisory Neighborhood Commission, Commissioner & Vice Chair, Wash. DC, 1980’s (three terms)
• Elected President of SW Neighborhood Council, 1980’s (three terms)
• Elected one of 45 citywide delegates to the DC Constitutional Convention (1981)


• Before U.S. Congressional Comm. on the District of Columbia, 5 years (1990’s), DC
• Testified before US Civil Rights Commission, 1992, Washington, DC

35 Years of Civic Involvement Across Nation:

California, Utah, New Mexico, New Jersey, Maryland, District of Columbia, Florida (1972-2009)

•Campaign Volunteer, Coordinator, Director for variety of congressional, senatorial, and presidential campaigns, mostly for the Democratic Party and third parties in states of California, Utah, New Mexico, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, DC and Florida. In addition, I have also conducted volunteer work in political campaigns all over the country, including working for a variety of independent and third-party candidates over the years, including Dr. Barry Commoner, the Citizens Party candidate for president, in 1980.

• Independent Candidate, City Council and Mayor, Washington, DC, 1984 – 1998

• U.S. Congressional Candidate, 5th District, Florida, 2002 & 2004

•U.S. Senate Candidate, Florida, 2006, Independent 

* Presidential Candidate, 2008, Socialist Party USA

Job Experience:

• Executive recruitment firm, Health (pharmaceutical, HMO’s, biotechnology), principle, 1998-Present
• Program fundraiser for INMED, a non-profit international health organization, 1992-97; plus international consultant in public health projects thru public/private partnerships, Latin America and Africa, 1992-97
• Health care executive, managed care/HMO pioneer, international health consultant, 1973-92, in states of California, Utah, New Mexico, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC; plus eight years in various countries in Latin America.
• US Peace Corps Volunteer, Latin America, 1969-72 (Conversant in Spanish/familiar with Brazilian Portuguese)


• Masters Degree, Public Administration (MPA), Arizona State University, 1976
• Bachelors Degree (BA), Philosophy, Mission San Luis Rey College, California, 1966
• Graduate School, California State University, Los Angeles, Political Science,1968 (four quarters)
• Franciscan Theological Seminary: Mission San Miguel, Mission San Luis Rey & Mission • • Santa Barbara, 1962-1967
• Undergraduate School, St. Mary's College (Christian Brothers), Moraga, California, 1961-1962, Liberal Arts & Great Books
• Several Courses in HMO/Health Care Management, UCLA, 1973

Brief Summary of Brian’s Professional Background:

Brian holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from Arizona State University. He served in the U.S. Peace Corps for an additional three years in Latin America and speaks Spanish.

The candidate’s professional background also includes almost 20 years in the HMO/ Managed Care industry as a Marketing and Executive Director, Project Administrator and Consultant. He has worked for group practices and Individual Physician Group HMO's, both in the startup and operational phases. Sponsors and/or owners of the health plans and systems he worked for include physicians, hospitals, consumer groups, labor unions, entrepreneurs, universities, medical schools and governments.

Internationally, Brian has been involved in community development, reconstruction and infrastructure rehabilitation projects (housing, water, electricity & sewage) in the developing and resource deprived countries of Panama, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. He managed, developed and implemented new projects, recruited, directed and supervised local staff, raised private sector funding and monitored and planned all program-related activities.

For over five years he designed and implemented programs for public health projects (vaccination & health education) in Latin America (Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, Dominican Republic & Mexico) in coordination with and on behalf of private corporations, religious institutions and non-governmental organizations. The projects were responsible for de-worming over one million children in low-income areas. The candidate has also traveled extensively and worked throughout various states in Brazil and is conversant in Brazilian Portuguese.

Brian's Personal Background:

Brian married a widow, Peggy Espejo, in 2003, and they have adopted her twelve year old grandson, Juan Carlos. Juan is in the sixth grade at a Middle School.  They reside in Spring Hill (Hernando County), Florida. His wife has two adult daughters, Andrea and Emily, who both live in Palm Beach county, Florida. Peggy's mother, sister and brother, and their families, reside in Singer Island and Stuart, Florida, respectively.

Brian was one of seven children, four girls and three boys, of an Irish-Catholic family. He grew up in Oakland, California, and attended Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, California. All four of his grandparents immigrated from farms in the early 1900’s from Ireland to America in search of work. His father and both grandfathers were life-long employees of the Southern Pacific Railroad, mostly in northern California. His maternal grandfather, Patrick “Paddy” Cunningham, worked on the San Francisco ferry boats in the SF-Oakland bay, and was chief engineer for the Standard Oil tankers and ships that traveled the pacific coast from the state of Washington to the Mexican border. His paternal grandfather, Garrett Moore, broke rock in Rochester, New York, and mined coal in Bisbee and Globe, Arizona. He then worked 46 years as a section boss for the Southern Pacific railroad, supervising mostly Mexican laborers. Brian's father, Nicholas "Nick" Moore, worked 44 years for the SP railroad in railroad car maintenance becoming the youngest foreman, general foreman and master car repairer in mechanical maintenance. "Big Nick" was responsible, in 1960, for the "on time" campaign train of then presidential candidate John F. Kennedy, as the presidential candidate traveled from the northern tip of California to its southern edge beyond San Diego. Brian's mother, Rose Cunningham Moore, was an executive secretary in the SF Ferry building in the late 1930's, until she married and then concentrated the remainder of her life in raising seven children.

Brian's two grandmothers worked as maids upon their arrival from Ireland in 1903 and 1914 respectively. Hanah Cunningham, my mother's mother, worked as a maid for Jewish families in New York City for two years upon her arrival to Ellis Island in 1903. She had to wait in New York for two years due to the San Francisco earthquake. Nellie Griffin, my father's mother, also worked as a maid upon her arrival in San Francisco in 1914, also via Ellis Island in New York.

Brian was a standout athlete in high school and college, and lettered in the sports of baseball, basketball and football. He captained his football team in high school as its quarterback, and was chosen the Most Valuable Player in college baseball as a freshman (St. Mary’s College). Brian was class president and student body president in high school as well as at St. Mary's College and Mission San Luis Rey College respectively. Brian entered a Catholic Franciscan seminary after his freshman year of college at St. Mary's, in 1962. Brian studied at three missions of California, San Luis Rey, San Miguel and Santa Barbara. He professed orders, became a cleric and took the name of his grandfather, Frater Garrett Moore. He left the seminary in 1967, two years before ordination

Brian worked for a sheet metal fabrication plant, cleaned produce out of railroad fruit cars and was a carpenter apprentice for the Southern Pacific Railroad during the summers earning his way through high school and college. He also unloaded mail from train cars during the Christmas vacations. Brian turned 65 years old on June 8, 2008, and is still physically active. He plays adult baseball every Sunday with college-age youth, swims and bikes almost daily.