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Brian's Socialist Party USA National Campaign Structure, Election 2008

Following is a national election campaign structure for 2008. If anyone would like to volunteer for one or more of the positions please call or write Brian Moore at 352-686-9936, or e-mail him at campaign@votebrianmoore.com.

This list can be expanded and amended, and will probably be difficult to fill. However, we can shoot for the stars, and try our best under our limited resources and finances. Thank you. ---Brian

Honorary Campaign Chairs: Hope to have past presidents participation
SP Campaign Committee Liaisons: David Schaich, Diane Drufenbrock, Peter Moody
SP National Office Secretary, Liaison: Greg Pason

1) Ballot Access National Director:

a) New England Regional Director: Mathew Andrews
b) Southeast Regional Director:
c) Midwest Regional Director: Matt Erard
d) Rocky Mountain Regional Director:
e) Southwest Regional Director:
f) Far West Regional Director:

2) Ballot Access Coordinators for Individual States:

3) Scheduler, National Director (for coordinating forums, meetings, speeches, high school and college events, radio & tv interviews, etc.)

4) Press Secretary: Write news releases, send releases out to press and media as needed; compose press and media lists; solicit interviews for radio and tv, etc.

5) Fundraiser Director(s):

6) Fundraising Writers, Speech Writers, etc.

7) Issue Writers/Researchers: researches issues, composes position papers on key platform matters, etc.

8) Speakers Bureau Director: Solicits, assigns and monitors speakers; coordinates engagements with Campaign Scheduler, etc.

9) Volunteer Speakers for meetings, etc.

10) Internet Director: Setting up programs, lists, videos, Ipod interviews, etc.

11) Video Director: YouTube, tapes, promotional, TV, DVD's, CD's, etc

12) Materials Design: Buttons, bumper stickers, signs, banners, palm cards, brochures, flyers, tee-shirts, pins, pens, polo shirts, hats, etc.

13) Webmaster Liaison

14) Social Networking Director: Facebook, MySpace, etc.

15) College and University Speeches and Events Director

16) High School Speeches and Events Director

17) Telephone Caller Director

18) Petition Director for Volunteer Petitioners and Paid Professional Petitioners When Necessary

19) National Director of "Write-In" Status Qualification for Individual States: Matt Erard

20) Treasurer: Deron Mikal

21) Legal Counsel: Mark Brown, Esq. for Ohio Lawsuit

22) Other

CNN/YouTube Republican Debate Protest in St. Petersburg, Florida on November 28, 2007 (continued from main page)

Tampa Bay TV Channel 8 NBC affiliate also filmed Brian's participation at the protest wednesday evening and it was shown on its 11 PM newscast. Tampa Bay Channel 10, the ABC affiliate, also filmed Brian at the event as well; plus, TV Channel 10 conducted a 3-minute interview---but unsure if it aired.

A St. Petersburg Times reporter interviewed Brian several days ago requesting an update on his Socialist Party campaign for president. The article will probably be in this coming Sunday's St. Petersburg Times edition in or near what they call "the 2E column," possibly in the Floridian section, which goes out to its largest circulation in the entire metropolitan area of Tampa. The Times is the largest newspaper in the state of Florida.


Paid for by Brian Moore, Socialist for President




Brian's Sept. 23rd interview on BayNews9 TV (a CNN affiliate) about running for nomination as the SP's candidate.

Socialist Party
Phone Podcast with Steve Sears in Sept 2007.

Tampa Community TV - August 18th, 2007 "The Bleepin Truth" hosted by Chris Krimitsos.
("The Bleepin Truth")
View the debate on YouTube!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


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