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Important Socialist Principles to base issues on:

First, take control, restore and protect the basic elements for our existence: air, water, land and ecosystems. Develop renewable energy to replace nuclear power and fossil fuels.
Second, give major importance to the human needs of food, housing and health. Promote an environmentally sound agricultural system.
Thirdly, implement a fundamental transformation of the economy by focusing on human need and not on profit. This is to be done through community ownership and worker control of industry and financial institutions; resulting in the redistribution of wealth and elimination of global poverty.
Fourth, Convert from a military to a peace-oriented economy.
Fifth, defend and extend constitutional and bill of right liberties to citizens, political candidates and parties and to prisoners domestically and, in time of war, internationally
Sixth, promote art, culture, dance, music, history, preservation of heritage, leisure, recreation, sports and public access to the media.


I.  Call for an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of American military and corporations from Iraq and Afghanistan.
II. Calls for War Crime Commissions, congressional investigation on Bush Administration/Congressional violations (i.e. going to war, atrocities, civilian deaths, loss of prisoner rights, rendition, torture, etc.
III. Repeal of Patriot Acts I & II and all executive orders and military tribunal acts, FISA, etc. adversely affecting freedoms and rights of American citizens.
IV.  Demand Obama Administration's adherence to International law, Geneva Conventions; require Civilian trials, elimination of torture, rendition, and prolonged imprisonment of war prisoners.
V.  Advocates a National Health System
VI.  Opposes Bailout of Financial Institutions except through the establishment of an Independent Financial Commission Made Up of citizens, economists and accountants who will work through cooperatives, credit unions and state-run banks.
VII.  Opposes Stimulus Bill unless all financial and private corporations are nationalized and controlled by workers; then, entire economic system can be radically reformed, in place of piecemeal stimulus packages.
VIII.  Elimination of worldwide poverty through transition from capitalism to socialism.

• Opposes all warrentless searches as authorized by the FISA Act
• Advocates holding all telecommunications Companies liable for allowing U.S. Government to eavesdrop on Americans
• Opposes domestic spying of antiwar groups and American citizens
• Opposes waterboarding and any form of prisoner abuse and torture
• Opposes the threat to any and all free speech and lawful dissent in our country

1) Stop The War in Iraq and Afghanistan and bring the American troops and reconstruction companies home immediately;
2) Implement a national health care system to include comprehensive health, dental and mental health care for all residents, foreign and domestic.
3) Initiate a guaranteed income for all American families, working or not, at a level of $35,000 per year per adult (2008 Cost of Living levels)
4) Nationalize Oil, Pharmaceutical, Banking, Insurance, Railroad, Aviation, Automotive, Entertainment and Sports Industries
5) Phase out all nuclear power plants, shut down waste incinerators, landfills and open-pit mining.
6) Call for unconditional disarmament by the U.S.
7) End U.S. Cuban Embargo and the occupation of Guantanamo, Cuba, and return entire U.S. property to the country of Cuba
8) Call for immediate 50% cut in the military budget, with additional 50% over the next 10 years;
9) Call for treaty outlawing all weapons of mass destruction
10) Abolish CIA, NSA, Homeland Security Agency and all other covert warfare institutions
11) End Israeli occupation of West Bank-East Jerusalem/Gaza; cease all U.S. aid to Israel---as precondition for peace.
12) Disband NATO
13) Cut off all U.S. military aid to Colombia
14) Close all U.S. military facilities that train foreign military and paramilitary personnel.
15) Initiate Worldwide war on poverty and global illnesses, especially in third and fourth world countries;
16) Establish Public ownership and democratic control of all natural resources to preserve wilderness areas and restore environmental quality.
17) Support Kyoto Protocol and lead in controlling global warming and cleaning up of toxic wastes, protect workers and communities from all harmful products
18) Cap and reduce corporate profits and excessive executive salary levels while fostering transfer of corporate ownership and control to workers.
19) Mandate right of employees for access to chose labor union representation to assure fair salaries and benefits.
20) Implement a national housing plan for all Americans
21) Legislate a 30 hour work week, six weeks annual paid vacation and a full pension
22) Provide equal rights to all immigrants; recognize their presence due to unfair U.S. economic policies, war, famine, or bad working conditions
23) Opposes Capital punishment
24) Cease construction of all new prisons nationwide; institute full range of rights and rehabilitation for prisoners;
25) Conduct massive rebuilding of United States infrastructure of bridges, railroad lines, major highways and subway systems and rural communities.
26) Reinforce and enhance government and private support of the arts, sports and culture.
27) Assure equal rights for all citizens in gender, race, age, economic status, sexual preference and/or religion. Eliminate special or unequal privileges for all interest groups.
28) Stop America's participation in NAFTA, CAFTA, World Trade Organization, World Bank, IMF, etc.
29) Stop the gauging and rip-offs of consumers by legislating limits and caps for costs and interest rates in services and products in the market place.
30) Abolish poverty in all its forms in America by assuring every American family with the basics in income, health and housing.
31) Promote a more equitable society by enhancing citizens rights and participatory control
32) During transition to full worker control, require private sector to implement a fairer economic system of consumer costs, profit-margins and regulation of services and products.
33) Reduce Defense spending significantly in the areas of high tech and military equipment and weaponry while enhancing protections and benefits for the common soldier.
34) Promote universal access to education on the college and vocational school level. Promote liberal arts, along with engineering and science, in colleges and universities. Remove the influence of corporate and military entities on country's higher institutes of learning.
35) Promote a multi-party system, fair access to debates, universal ballot access, proportional representation, election reform and public funding of all elections.
36) Support a woman's right to choose in matters of abortion; and oppose all restrictions on access to abortion.



1) end U.S. arms sales in world.
2) pay off U.S. debts to UN
3) advocate constitutional amendment requiring binding vote of people on all issues of war or military intervention.
4) support right of soldiers to form unions


1) support right of workers to form a union anywhere
2) support right to strike
3) recognize union based on cards signed
4) all workers have a right to collective bargaining
5) repeal of the Hatch Act and Taft-Hartley Act, landrum-griffin Act and "right-to-work" laws.
6) provide same benefits for full and part-time workers
7) stop using union funds for electing candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties.
8) give sanctuary to illegal immigrants in the U.S., full social services and impact immigration influx not with walls or guns or threats of imprisonment, but with fairer policies toward all other countries to enable their economies to thrive and expand as well.


1) support arts and culture, universal education
2) right of all people to high quality, low cost housing
3) public transportation in urban and rural area such as rail systems, foot and bicycle paths, pedestrian ways, renewable fuels and control of the airline industry


1) Support minimum wage, $15 per hour(2008) while transitioning to worker control
2) re-regulate banking and insurance industries; and all financial and insurance institutions to be socially owned and operated by a democratically controlled independent national banking authority
3) call for a steeply graduated income tax and estate tax, and a maximum income of no more than 5 times the minimum.
4) cancel third world debt
5) expand welfare assistance, unemployment compensation, job training programs
6) support massive federal investment in urban and rural infrastructure reconstruction and economic development


1) support large-scale environmental restoration efforts


1) develop alternative energy sources including solar, geothermal, wind, hydropower, and biomass to end dependency on fossil fuels.
2) ensure all people have access to utility services
3) mandatory encapsulation of all spent nuclear fuel, etc. and ban on all nuclear materials


1) support system of ecologically based, sustainable, organic agriculture based on family farms and farming cooperatives guaranteeing full workers' rights


1) end all restrictions in law and work place, marriages and sodomy laws
2) prevent student violence and discrimination in schools and all of society
3) federal ban on all forms of job discrimination, on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender or economic status
4) oppose English as the only official language