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Brian's Response to Joshua Frank's Article "Why I Can't Support Obama"

The Democrats voted for the Patriot Act, the Military Tribunal Bill, turned a blind eye to Bush's Executive Orders on privacy issues, will not impeach, allowed rendition and torture, started the Iraq blockade under Bill  Clinton, and refused to speak out against a prohibition of federal funding for abortions for low-income women.  Plus, the Democrats have pandered to the black race thereby polarizing a country and hurting the cause against racism. 
Obama's blackness will not help those in the black ghettoes where unemployment rates exceed 50%.  Much of it due to globalization.  Obama and Clinton appeal to the wealthy and well-to-do, court corporate money, both moved to the center and defend the existing system, and the Democratic Party is now the primary vehicle for corporate interests in the electoral arena.
Mr. Nader is a reformer, but still proclaims his fervent confidence in the capitalist market economy and the virtues of small business.   He thinks the economic system can be reformed and that capitalism can be regulated, thus, guaranteeing corporate accountability.   However, he cannot break from the Democratic Party, hoping the anti-corporate wing will reform the party as well as corporations.  He has no interest in building a political party, nor does he address the problems of class in our current system, and does not articulate any vision for an alternative society.
I, and my VP colleague, Stewart Alexander, offer voters a radical alternative to Nader and Gonzalez's "liberal reformism."  We advocate "real change" as opposed to Obama's  rhetoric of "change" and Nader's "hope for reform" within the same major parties, corporations and same unfair economic system.  Our anti-authoritarian message is through a political party, the Socialist Party USA, and we promise an entirely new economic system, where class barriers are broken down, corporate power eliminated, re-distribution of wealth and power is achieved and the root cause of racism can finally be overcome.
Help us gain ballot access by going to www.votebrianmoore.com.
Brian Moore for President, Socialist Party USA
Moore/Alexander 'O8

Brian's collection of his favorite thoughts from reading the life of the railroad union organizer to a then avowed Socialist, Eugene V. Debs:

1) We need to regenerate society
2) Money is not the basis of a civilization
3) I am for humanity; not for profits!
4) Big business controls the U.S. government; plus, it also controls the American mindset
5) How can we support a society which forces men to steal
6) Prison labor results from an impoverished industry
7) Under the system of capitalism, men are driven to crime to support their families
8) We need to reach the masses
9) We are not in a political struggle, but an economic struggle
10) Eliminate millionaires and beggars (homeless)
11) There are no class distinctions
12) War is national murder
13) Capitalism vs. Socialism is really slavery vs. freedom
14) We can control monopolies not by regulation but by confiscation
15) Our goal is not reform, but revolution; abolish class rule;
16) Only workers have the real need and strength to battle capitalism

An Open Letter In Support of Third Party or Independent Candidates and Minor Parties

America has for too long been dependent on a two-party system that has deprived many citizens of their equal rights and ability to control the quality of their lives. America's two major parties have been controlled by a plutocracy, with the wealthy governing the country through them. The Democrats and Republicans now operate as one party, both heavily dependent on corporate and special interest money, most of the time, from the same sources. Thus, the two-party congress legislates uniformly in favor of oil, automobile, defense contractors, real estate interests and wall street, and, in this latest instances, the Iraq War, to name a few, over citizens needs. This also assures the incumbent politicians re-election and protection for their own self-interest.

America now finds itself in another quagmire of a war, with no end in sight. We see the middle class shrinking, the lower-class and poverty increasing, and the loss of decent salaries, health and pension benefits and worker rights and protections. Americans work harder, longer and both family partners must work in one or two jobs just to keep up. The American family is disintegrating, with communal and familial social problems growing with the children, learning deficits, divorces, use of alcohol and narcotics and disharmony reign in America.

Poverty still exists to an unacceptable degree in this advanced industrialized society, accessing health care and the quality of our health status has fallen, Americans are more in debt, and the quality of our lives is becoming more unacceptable and difficult.

Historically, minor political parties, sometimes called third parties, have had a major impact on America, despite their small numbers and less familiar images. Men and women of vision and passion have gone against the odds and advocated new or novel ideas, or even unpopular and scandalous propositions to the general population via smaller parties. And ultimately, these new proposals have been embraced by major parties and made law or have become a common practice in a new America. Prior to 1950, in the late 1700's, all through the 1800's and the first half of the 1900's, third parties had a greater influence, even winning congressional and senatorial seats, and in the case of Abraham Lincoln, winning the presidency. When they did not win, their ideas did, with such examples such as child labor laws, women suffrage, social security, ballot elections, elimination of slavery, promotion of labor unions, better labor laws and practices, etc. Newspapers were less jaded and less dependent on the wealthy or corporate elite, and thus novel ideas had access to the general public.

With the advent of television and corporate-run press and the media, third party and independent candidates and their minor parties have been treated with disdain and given little importance. They have been denied access to the public along the conventional ways, and the wealthy and special interest money has blocked and silenced their voices in our modern age.

Somehow we have to take back what is rightfully ours. We have to do it through exposure, grass-roots organizing or through the leadership of courageous members of these small parties who have to stand up for principles and for their god-given and constitutional rights.

- Brian P. Moore











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