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The Green Party of Florida (GPF) has endorsed the independent candidacy of Brian Moore in his bid for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Bill Nelson.

Moore is the first U.S. Senate candidate ever to be endorsed by the GPF, which is currently supporting Green candidates Brian Becker for State Representative, District 57 in Tampa, and Tammy Harman for Soil & Water Conservation Board, also in Tampa.

"I am deeply gratified by the support of the Green Party," said Moore, a 63-year-old semi-retired health care recruiter. "We share an uncompromising commitment to ecological responsibility, social justice and non-violence."

Brian Moore's outspoken opposition to the Iraq war and his call to bring the troops home played a major role in the Greens' decision," said GPF co-chair Michael Canney. "The Iraq occupation is one of the defining issues of this election, and the major parties' candidates for Senate do not represent the growing majority of Americans who want to see an end to this unnecessary and illegal war."

Brian Moore shares the Green Party's view that our society urgently needs to address domestic issues such as low wages, lack of health care, affordable housing and educational opportunities, a corrupted electoral process, erosion of our civil liberties, and a burgeoning prison population that is largely the result of a bankrupt "drug war" policy.

Greens join Brian Moore in urging all voters to endorse the Voters for Peace Pledge, which states: "I will not vote for or support any candidate for Congress or President who does not make a speedy end to the war in Iraq, and preventing any future war of aggression, a public position in his or her campaign."

Brian Moore's views on the important issues of our time are consistent with Green Party values and platform positions, and we stand together in our advocacy for fair trade practices, a living wage for all workers, a universal, single-payer healthcare plan, clean and renewable energy, environmental protections, public transportation, and electoral reforms.

"This historic Green Party endorsement significantly boosts Brian's candidacy," said Darcy Richardson of Jacksonville, Moore's campaign manager. "I think it's a perfect match. They share a progressive outlook on the issues and both are fighting for America's better self," he asserted

The Green Party of the United States is fielding 368 candidates for federal, state and local office across the country this year, is running a dozen candidates for the U.S. Senate in this year's mid-term elections, including longtime social activist Kevin Zeese, running for the U.S. Senate in Maryland. Michael Berg, whose son was killed and beheaded in Iraq, is running as a strong antiwar candidate for Congress in Delaware. Of his son's death, Berg says,"Nicholas Berg died for the sins of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld."  Running for governor of New York is the best-selling author and playwright Malachy McCourt.

"Cara Jennings' victory in the Lake Worth city commission race last spring demonstrates that Greens can be effective at the grassroots level," said GPF co-chair Cathy Gilbert, referring to the first Green Party electoral victory in 2006. "Sending Brian Moore to the U.S. Senate would signal an important step toward ending wars abroad and reclaiming democracy here at home."

Greens urge Florida voters to vote their hopes, not their fears, in November. Vote Brian Moore for Senate!



Brian Moore for Senate
PO Box 5742, Spring Hill, FL 34611

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Wednesday, September 6, 2006                               Brian Moore (352) 686-9936                                                            (352) 585-2907

                                                                           Darcy Richardson (904) 765-5871






Independent U.S. Senate Candidate Brian Moore Encounters Republican Primary Presence



SPRING HILL, FLORIDA, Wednesday, September 6th---Brian Moore, the independent antiwar candidate for the U.S. Senate, returned from America’s oldest colony, St. Augustine, Fl., in St. John’s County. He spent two-days there and covered 425-miles.


He had a full schedule including an interview on conservative radio station WAOC 1420. The interview that was planned for 30-minutes was reduced to a “one minute interview”. Moore was told that it was because Republican senatorial candidate Peter Monroe’s 30-minute interview turned into a 45-minute interview. Moore said, “The owner/host seemed sympathetic to a candidate in the primaries” as opposed to a candidate in the general election. (Moore as the Independent candidate is assured to be in the general election.)


He had an excellent and well-received reception at The St. Augustine Shores Riverside Club. He was one of several candidates present to meet and address over 300 residents. All in all it was an exceptional response. Moore said it was wonderful to be welcomed so warmly.


Many voters came up to him afterward to express their personal dismay with their choice of candidates, the state of our state, the utter frustration with our president and the war that he has embroiled us in, and the fear of the future of our nation and our state if left to our democratic and republic legislators.


Candidate Brian Moore met nearly 100-people at the St. John’s Public Library.   Although many locals cautioned him of the “conservative” mindset of the area, Moore was approached by a local republican state representative, many college-age students, a Vietnam veteran, law clerks, housewives, retirees, even ex-felons all of whom were gracious and interested in hearing his vision for the state.


He was encouraged by the overall positive interaction of the citizens of St. John’s County. He was uplifted to hear so many citizens in opposition to the war, and how many expressed their upset with the president and his warmongering. “Heartening, also was their criticism of an ineffective congress," he stated.


A highlight of Candidate Moore’s trip was the television interview with Norma Sherry on the highly rated, according to the Nielsen’s, Norma Sherry Show on WQXT-TV. The thirty-minute interview flew by, but not without Mr. Moore addressing the salient points of his candidacy.


He found a welcomed ear in Ms. Sherry who supported Candidate Moore’s progressive positions openly and with great enthusiasm. She said how delighted she was to have a candidate who addressed the issues that concern “so many of us”.


Ms. Sherry said she was impressed to hear his “feisty” positions on the war, his opposition to the Patriot Act and the serious issues of outsourcing American worker’s jobs, his advocacy for a national health plan, creating a living wage and his call for the president's impeachment.


 Ms. Sherry informed Moore she interviewed his likely opponent in the general election, Congresswoman Katherine Harris, last week, and “found her surprisingly charming."  Sherry stated that Senator Nelson turned down the opportunity of an interview until after the primary election. 


Independent candidate Moore participated in a second radio interview via telephone while in St. Augustine on Independent Radio in Sarasota, Fl., on the progressive station and host on WSLR, 96.5 FM.


He discussed the issue of “fascism” and how the Bush Administration is “trying to label antiwar critics as dangerous fascists who are undercutting our troops in Iraq”. Moore accused the neo-cons as once again "using fear with the American public" as a tactic to win at the voting booth.


Candidate Moore said he spoke with Louis Petty, the assignment editor of Jacksonville’s NBC/ABC Channel 25 WJXX-TV affiliate to arrange an on-air interview. Moore was told that Petty would do his best to send his St. Augustine reporter to tape him while he spoke to the citizens in front of the St. John’s County Public Library. However, the reporter never showed.


Moore was told that WJXX had taped Rep. Candidate Peter McBride just that same morning and that it was doubtful that they’d use that coverage, as well. Moore quipped, “I guess fair play in Jacksonville is no play”.


Late Friday afternoon and early evening, Moore visited the grand opening of the local Democratic office in downtown St. Augustine. There were musicians singing anti-Bush songs outside and refreshments, tee-shirts, and pins inside, and everywhere there were voters: Enthused, excited voters. Many of whom were “thrilled by the candidate’s progressive positions” said candidate Moore as he beamed with encouragement.


As it turned out it was the first Friday of the month, which coincided with Art Walk. So, as any good candidate would do, Brian Moore took advantage of the moment and walked the historic town and talked to many of the hundred’s of strolling art enthusiasts and citizens of Saint Augustine and the surrounding towns.


 However, everywhere he turned in that northeast county, Moore said he was met with the "invisible presence" of four Republican candidates battling it out to be their party's nominee September 5th.





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Wednesday, September 20, 2006                               Brian Moore (352) 686-9936                                                               (352) 585-2907

                                                                            Darcy Richardson (904) 765-5871 


Independent U.S. Senate Candidate Brian Moore Proposes $10,000 Annual Payment To 32 million Americans Through Government "Living Income" Program



SPRING HILL, FLORIDA, Wednesday, September 20th---Brian Moore, the independent antiwar candidate for the U.S. Senate, appeared on Tampa's hour long Bleepin Truth Community television network program Saturday evening, Sept. 9th, and proposed a "Living Income Government Program" which would "provide $10,000 stipends annually to the lowest quintile (20%) of Americans---whether they worked or not." 


Independent candidate Moore said this would be a concerted effort by the federal government to bring more equilibrium and equity to a disparate and imbalanced society when it comes to salaries, workers and family compensation.  The Independent candidate said the cost of this program, which he adjusted this week, would run about $320 billion a year.  The cost would be partially offset by the elimination of the federal welfare and food stamp programs which would save the government about $148 billion a year.  This is not counting state and local government programs which would also reduce the financial burden. 


Thus, the program would cost the taxpayers approximately "$172 billion a year." Moore said.  SSI, food stamps, family support programs, etc. could be reduced significantly, he added.  Incentives, emphasized Moore, " would now motivate more poor people to go to  work, to get married, live with their spouses and to attend school."


Moore added that other expenditures would be reduced due to the additional income for the poor in our society, thus rippling through to cause less of a need for police officers, drug abuse, mental health services, etc.


The US Senatorial Independent candidate made his proposal in a one hour debate with Anthony Kovic, and host Chris Krimitsos, a week and one-half ago on the televised Tampa community television show, "Bleepin Truth."  


Moore bases his figures on a detailed cost analysis conducted by Dallas Dunlap, a local economist who teaches on a part time basis at several local colleges.  The concept of a Living Wage was first written by a conservative economist, Charles Murray.


Dunlap, added that "the $172 million cost of the program would be a significant but not forbidding price tag in a country which has a $13 trillion GDP, and is governed by a federal government with an annual budget of $2.6 trillion.



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Tuesday, September 26, 2006                               Brian Moore (352) 686-9936                                                         (352) 585-2907

                                                                            Darcy Richardson (904) 765-5871 


Antiwar US Senatorial Candidate Opposes US-UK Extradition Treaty As Threat to Irish-Americans' Constitutional Rights and Payback to Tony Blair and England for Iraq War Support


SPRING HILL, FLORIDA, Tuesday, September 26th---Brian Moore, the independent antiwar candidate for the U.S. Senate, criticized the Bush Administration and the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee for its recent vote to forward to the US Senate to ratify a US-UK treaty that threatens the constitutional guarantees of the US Constitution, especially for Irish-Americans. 


On September 6th, Moore also had sent letters of opposition to the extradition treaty to Florida's two US Senators, who are on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Bill Nelson and Senator Mel Martinez.  Moore is challenging Nelson in the November general election.


The antiwar candidate said this is "Payback time to the British for their support of  America's war with Iraq."  Moore is of Irish-American decent, having all four of his grandparents come from Ireland to America between 1904 and 1914.  The Irish-American candidate added that the treaty, which was signed in 2003, "has a potential negative impact on Amerian supporters of the Irish nationalist cause in Northern Ireland."  Moore thinks the British will use this treaty to get back at those in Ireland, and in America, who have fought for Ireland's national unity and a united Ireland.

Moore said that The Financial Times of London said that the senate leaders hope to ratify the Treaty before the end of the year and that " The recent extradition of three former NatWest bankers to the US on Enron-related fraud charges has put Tony Blair, the prime minister, under intense domestic pressure to win US ratification of the treaty."

Moore also objects to the Bush administration's push to ratify this treaty because "They need to prosecute its 'war on terror' and that is why senators endorsed the administration's position."  Moore, who has opposed the Iraq war since before its inception, demonstrated against the proposed war resolution in early 2002, and has continued his public opposition for the last four years.  The antiwar candidate also contends that "there should be no 'war on terror,' " since those guilty of the four airplane attacks, and their leaders, are criminals, and "should have been pursued as criminals."  Moore continued that "due to our president's actions and a rubber stamp congress, we are going after the entire Islamic culture," and, as the sixteen US spy agencies have reported this week, our war on Iraq has "only enhanced the growth of terrorism and worsened the threat to our national security."

Moore sarcastically disagreed in part with a recent quote by Delaware's Senator Joseph Biden, the highest ranking Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, that the treaty is not about Ireland, but Moore did agree with Biden's remarks that "it [the treaty] was aimed at strengthening relations with a "close defense partner".  Moore added that "Irish unity is another casualty of this God forsaken war in Iraq."

Moore has made tentative plans to attend the Irish-American Unity Convention in Chicago this coming Friday and Saturday, September 29 & 30.



Background:  Dr. Robert Linnon, PhD, president of the Irish American Unity Committee, and Dr. Francis Boyle, an international law expert, have lead the Irish-American opposition to this treaty ratification by their ongoing testimony before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Dr. Boyle has urged amending the treaty, or ultimately voting it down, if it retains the right of extradition by the executive branch instead of by the judicial branch, where political decisions would have less of a chance to survive.


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Effective: Immediately
Thursday 10:16 pm, September 26, 2006
For more information, please contact:
Brian Moore (352) 686-9936 -- (352) 585-2907
Darcy Richardson (904) 765-5871
Antiwar Candidate Blasts Senator Nelson's Vote on Terrorism Suspects Bill As "Un-American, Abandoning America's Principles and Voting for Torture"
Independent Senate Candidate Brian Moore contends war prisoners should be given same rights as citizens; president is given too much power and protection
SPRING HILL, FLORIDA, Thursday, September 28th---Brian Moore, the independent antiwar candidate for the US Senate in Florida severely criticized U.S. Senator Bill Nelson of Florida for his "vote for torture" today, for seriously limiting the rights of war prisoners and for protecting the Bush Administration and CIA operatives "from being held accountable for their abuse and torturing of prisoners" not to speak of the war itself. 
Moore contends that this bill "threatens" the constitutional guarantees of the US Constitution, and could have serious repercussions "on the safety and security of our country and its citizens."  The Independent went further that "this could also have serious ramifications on our soldiers" when and if they are taken prisoner in foreign wars.
Nelson's vote today only confirms that he is a "right wing Democrat" at best, said the antiwar candidate, and a person "willing to compromise his principles and his country's welfare for self-interest purposes."  "I am really running against two Republicans," said Moore, "and this must be embarrassing for their parties that both are willing to sell their souls at any cost"---and in this case it is serious, serious business.  Today's vote was a statement on "who we are as a people" and "whether we are a moral civilization or not," said the Independent candidate.  I am "deeply disappointed" in the United States Senate, and our president, for putting political expediency ahead of our moral leadership in the world, Moore continued, and they are "jeopardizing the very  lives and welfare of our troops" in the future. 
Moore is challenging Senator Nelson for one of the two US Senate seats in Florida.
The Independent candidate harshly criticized not only Mr. Nelson, but the US Senate as a whole, for its denial of access to courts for detainees seeking to challenge their imprisonment at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and elsewhere.  If anything, Moore contended, the Senate, and the House, "should have expanded detainees legal rights, decreased the authority of the executive branch, and upheld the principles and morals for which this country was founded on.
Moore questioned Senator Nelson, and the Senate, on "how can sleep deprivation, hypothermia and water boarding be civil acts condoned by America?"  "How can we, in good conscience, conduct ourselves in this manner," Moore stated?  I am "appalled and shamed," he said.  Moore continued that this tolerance of torture and abuse by our congress and our government "is contrary to what we are all about, what we stand for, and what we urge every other nation not to do."
These actions do not protect our country, nor our future American troops who will be taken prisoner, but only enhance the danger and security of our country by such bellicose, uncivilized conduct.  This is not what America is about.  And Senator Nelson should have known better, especially as a lawyer.  "Shame on you,"  Mr. Nelson, and the US Senators, who voted for this bill.  Moore said "You have blood on your hands." You, like President Bush, are not only responsible for a terrible, illegal, immoral war, but now you have "compounded your folly and blindness by this congressional action today." 
The United States is abandoning its fundamental principles of fairness.  If we erode our moral standing our image in the world is nothing, and our ability to keep peace and harmony amongst the world, and safety for our own country, is eroded.  We are bringing unforeseen dangers and troubles upon our children and grandchildren.. We should have taken the high road, not the low road.  It is a sad day for America today.

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Effective: Immediately

Wednesday  October 4, 2006

For more information, please contact:

Brian Moore (352) 686-9936 -- (352) 585-2907

Darcy Richardson (904) 765-5871






Spring Hill, Wednesday, October 4,     Brian Moore, an outspoken antiwar independent candidate for the U.S. Senate in Florida, said today that his upstart campaign "has begun to gather steam amongst the public" in response to Democratic U.S. Senator Bill Nelson's vote to sanction torture, the enhancement of presidential power, the loss of habeus corpus for prisoners (and possibly American citizens) and the loss of our country's adherence to the Geneva Conventions.


Moore wrote letters-to-editors throughout the state of Florida on Tuesday, protesting Senator Nelson's "failure of leadership and duty" saying that Senator Nelson "violated his oath of office to uphold the constitution of the United States," by his vote last week.  Moore wrote that the Senator even "expected the bill to be overturned in the courts" in the future.


Moore said hits to his campaign website have tripled to almost 600 a day and contributions and volunteers have begun to increase from people across the state from people unknown to Moore.  The independent candidate said the new and increased responses were "mostly from alienated and angry Democrats."


Tension and frustration amongst many Democrats has been growing of the past months, but the Torture bill vote, Moore said, "appears to be the feather that broke the camel’s back."


Sample of an Angry Democratic Voter Note:


Steve, Host of Independent Radio Station in Sarasota wrote on Monday, Oct. 2nd:

"...If you vote for Sen. Nelson you will have to  live with the fact that you  supported torture for the  rest of your life.  Many democrats including local candidates (including  the head of a Florida democratic party DEC) I  spoke  with cannot publicly say they are against Nelson but  have told me privately that WHEN THEY GET INTO THE  VOTING  BOOTH THEY WILL NOT VOTE FOR NELSON... " 


Harley Keish's statement on a nationwide blog,  (Ariana)  "There is no way I can vote for Bill Nelson (FL) and feel good about myself. Before this latest atrocity I was telling myself to just hold my nose and vote for this Liebermanesque loser -- but no longer. I will be voting for and supporting Brian Moore -- a progressive, independent, anti-war candidate who has been endorsed by the Florida Green Party....."


Additional voter comments can be found at:

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Effective: Immediately

Saturday  October 21st,, 2006

For more information, please contact:

Brian Moore (352) 686-9936 -- (352) 585-2907

Darcy Richardson (904) 765-5871






Spring Hill, Saturday, October 21st — Longtime consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader endorsed outspoken independent anti-war candidate Brian Moore earlier today.  Moore, a 63-year-old semi-retired executive health care recruiter and longtime peace activist, is waging an uphill battle against Democratic Senator Bill Nelson and his Republican challenger, Katherine Harris, in the November 7 U.S. Senate contest.


In a personal telephone call to the candidate on Friday afternoon, Nader said that "Brian Moore is carrying the Green Party platform for fairness, justice and health throughout the state of Florida.  If you want to understand why the Democrats and Republicans are excluding Brian from the debates, and what the Green Party stands for  on behalf of all Floridians, then read the website of the Green Party at and also Brian Moore's website at," said Nader.


"Pay attention when Brian comes to your community," Nader continued. "Go and see him.  Discuss your opinions, grievances, and injustices that the two major political parties are ignoring.  Brian Moore represents electoral politics, as if people matter first, as if corporations are their servants, not their masters."


Nader concluded:  "Watch for Brian on the ballot on November 7th as well."


"I am deeply honored to receive Mr. Nader's endorsement," said Moore.  "I deeply respect everything he has accomplished in improving the lives of millions of ordinary Americans during a lifetime dedicated to consumer advocacy.  I also appreciate everything he is continuing to do for the cause of open and fair politics in this country."


    * * *

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